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Inway Records is an Independent Record Company Founded by R&B/Soul singer, songwriter and producer Elishema and her manager Larry Mannie as a means to release her music to the public. It is currently based in Chicago, and along with releasing music by Elishema, we strive to help other artist in their endeavors to pursue a musical career as well. Right now, our site is under construction but, if you want an opportunity to hear music we have released, please visit elishema.com and check back often, for our upcoming events and activities

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Some fans say she sings like the young Whitney Houston, while others say she sounds authentic and original. With a vocal range and sophistication similar to Mariah Carey, the soulfulness of Mary J, and performance dynamics like Christina Aguilera, Elishema translates elegance, class, and attitude on the stage and in her music. And with her powerful and daring lyrics Elishema continues to captivate her audiences, surprising them with her charm. Fans continue to show their appreciation for her persona and image, recognizing that she is truly a star and is in a category of her own.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE